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Professional Education in Digital Marketing

About Us

We are provider in Strategic and Digital Marketing Courses, with a proven track record in transforming the skills of digital professionals to help build successful careers and promote continuous learning, to shape the workforce of the innovative future.

We offer a range of both short and comprehensive courses covering all aspects of digital marketing from social media to digital positioning, from e-commerce to search marketing, from strategy to business research. We offer education, news, extra content, tools and other useful information that will help maintain knowledge at an appropriate level.

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Directions of courses

Digital Marketing

  • This course includes learning the basics of social media marketing, paid advertising, seo engine optimization and email marketing.

Strategic Marketing

  • This course includes goal setting, information analysis and strategic planning, resource assessment and management.

Digital Positioning

  • Fundamentals of brand positioning in the digital space. Using visual content, interacting with the audience and working with reputation.

Business Research

  • This course allows you to learn the basics and methods of business analysis, as well as apply them in practice.

Customer Experience

  • This course covers the importance of Customer Experience Management. From gathering feedback to delivering customer service.


  • Other consulting services such as recommendations, campaign launch and optimization, analytics and strategy work.
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Client reviews

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